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Topics to Consider

The Seven Timeless Strategies
for the Successful Investor

  1. Accept That Uncertainty is the Rule, Not the Exception.
    When building long-term wealth, periods of uncertainty are the rule, not the exception. But, despite such uncertainty, it is important to bear in mind that the long-term progress of the stock market has been upward.

  2. Focus on What is Important and Knowable.
    Since uncertainty is the rule not the exception, it is crucial to focus on what is important and knowable versus important and unknowable. Such an investment approach can help uncover investment opportunities during many different market, economic and political environments.

  3. Be Patient.
    At Davis, we believe a patient, buy and hold investment approach is the best way to build long-term wealth. Such an approach allows investors to filter out the noise, maintain their investment strategy and allow the power of compounding to help build wealth.

  4. Expect Periods of Disappointment.
    It is crucial to understand that even top performing investment managers will go through periods of disappointment. By recognizing this fact, you may be less likely to engage in unhealthy investor behavior and make unnecessary modifications to your long-term investment strategy.

  5. Engage in Healthy Investor Behavior.
    Having conviction in the investment managers you entrust your capital to and working with a financial professional can help investors engage in healthy investor behavior.

  6. Have an Investment Strategy.
    Investing is an emotional experience, so develop a "roadmap" to maintain your focus and discipline necessary to build long-term wealth.

  7. Set Realistic Return Expectations.
    Stocks have historically been the best performing asset class for growth of capital over the long term. When planning long-term financial goals, it is important to be a realist and not an optimist or a pessimist.


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